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Regulamin Term Krakowskich

Rules for the labor organization of the Krakow Term during the SARS-COV-2 epidemic

Rules for the organization of the Krakow Term During the SARS-COV-2 epidemic on the basis of guidelines during the Coronavirus Epidemic in Poland and the Minister of Health and the Main Sanitary Inspector. 

    The services of the Krakow Term can not use people who: 

           ·         They observe symptoms of infectious disease; they should go home and take advantage of medical advice,

           ·         They are covers quarantine or insulation,

              ·         They had contact with a person suspected of infection, infected or sick during the last 14 days 


              1.      Przed wejściem do obiektu obowiązuje bezwzględny nakaz założenia osłony ust i nosa oraz nakaz dezynfekcji rąk przy wejściu oraz na terenie obiektu. Obsługa ma prawo nie wpuścić do obiektu i nie obsłużyć osób nie realizujących tego obowiązku.

              2.      When servicing at the reception, the vaccination certificate should be voluntarily present. Its lack means entering the limit of unchanged people

              3.      At the facility there is a limit of unnamed persons: a) TKS - 32 indexed persons, b) TKB - 50 unsafted persons.

              4.      A payment card or BLIK is recommended.

              5.      It is recommended to use your own towels.

              6.      It is recommended to use your own hair dryers.

              7.      It is obligatory to preserve 1.5 meters distances from other guests.

              8.      Customers who in a raised manner violate the safety rules are subject to the personnel and as a last resort can be asked to immediately leave the facility.

              9.      Other records of the regulations of the use of the Krakow Term remain unchanged.  




              1) Informacje Ogólne

  1. Regulations of the Krakow Thermal Terma Regulations apply to all those who are desirable to use the facility, hereinafter referred to as "guests". It serves to maintain security, order and cleanliness throughout the object and to determine the principles of using and staying on the premises of Krakowskie Terma.
  2. Administrator and owner of the Kraków Błonia object located at ul. Reymonta 20, 30-059 Krakow is Avalon Nature S.A. with headquarters at
    Sodowa 12/1, 30-376 Kraków, and the administrator and owner of the Terma Sodowa Terma object located at ul. Sodowa 7, 30-376 Krakow is SM im. St. Staszica with
    headquarters at ul. Sodowa 7/7U, 30-376 Kraków, hereinafter referred to as "object".
  3. The facility is open from Monday to Sunday (excluding selected holidays) in the hours posted at the entrance to the facility and on the website www.termykrakowskie.pl.
  4. The purchase of an admission ticket to the object or the use of a sports card with a previously purchased voucher is tantamount to familiarizing and accepting the regulations by the guest. Thus, the guest is obliged to comply with the provisions contained in these Regulations.
  5. Additional 15 minutes added to the purchased time of admission to the object or added to the time entitling you to take advantage.
    From the facility through sports card holders, it is used to settle a visit to the facility.
  6. Each guest is obliged to report all dangerous situations such as:
    a life risk situation and health, manipulation on devices or their controllers by outsiders, any cases of fainting, noticed unwelcome to other guests and their unnatural psychophysical state, cases of indecent behaviors, cases of verbal and non-verbal aggression.
  7. Each guy before entering the property is obliged to familiarize himself with the evacuation plan and the location of fire extinguishers and fire-fighting kids.
  8. For the sake of ensuring the safety of guests, the hotel reception is monitored.
  9. In the entire facility there are a veoceous zone, which means that in all saunas cabins, guests can not wear bathing outfits or underwear, and they use towels, hammams or pareo. From the steam bath Hammam, guests can use only without any cover. In the corridors, recreational and garden, guests can only navigate only with towels, hams or pareo or in bathrobes.
  10. After paying the introduction, each guest receives a transponder in the form of a watch with an electronic key to the cabinet, which is obliged to return before leaving the facility. Using the locker room (changing room) of the object and clothing cabinets are mandatory. Being in the lockers and their area is allowed to change clothing.
  11. The guest is obliged to store all the items left in the locker boxes. The guest is obliged to take care of the appropriate closure of the cabinet for clothing and the appropriate storage of the transponder. Before leaving the object, return it to the reception. In the event of destruction or loss of transponder, the guest is obliged to pay a fee of PLN 50.
  12. The desire to store valuables should be reported to the Krakow Term Service employee who, without an additional fee for each guest request, stores them in the room reception room. Leaving valuable items outside the deposit at the employee of the hotel reception occurs at its own liability of the facility.
  13. For the left-free objects, the objects are not responding. All objects found should be provided to the facility's employees. The items left after closing the object will be stored for a period of more 7 days and then will be disposed.
  14. It is absolutely prohibited to pollute and destroy the property and behaviors that can bring the risk of losing health or life of the facility users, and in particular to pour water temperature sensors, turning ventilation addictive, pouring fragrance oils or other substances on the saunas and any other interference in Technical infrastructure of the object such as turning on and switching device drivers. It is forbidden to touch heating elements and put any objects in their vicinity, in particular textiles.
    Guests who do not apply to the above rules will be incurred by material responsibility and damage caused by their fault. Stone pouring activities can only be carried out by the person's service. For water pollution in a jacuzzi, the guest will be obliged to pay the amount of PLN 200, and for pollution of the pool amounts PLN 500 title to reimburse the costs of water exchange and its heating.
  15. Property employees, for guests, are entitled to the so-called The right of the host. This means that the employees of the permitted object
    they are to order to leave the object, as well as a permanent or temporary ban on using the facility guests who act against the provisions of the Regulations and its management orders, in particular persons whose behavior can bring the danger of losing health or life on object users, polluting the object as well as behaving
    On the premises in a non-removable manner with good customs, a sauna culture or incompatible with moral and ethical principles. Refers to These are also guests who show any form of aggression, in a verbal or loud behavior of inappropriate in places of relaxation. Failure to comply with the above rules may be read as an attempt to disrupt the peace on the premises of the facility, and thus may result in cranical measures against the culprit.
  16. A person violating the regulations and extended by service from the facility does not have the right to refund the fee brought on the actuble to the object, relatively withdrawing a visit recorded by the sports card system.
  17. The management of the object can limit, completely or partially, the ability to use the object or individual devices
    In the event of such a necessity (eg in the event of overflow, in the event of an urgent need or emergency, etc.).
  18. Before using the object, please refer to and strictly follow the recommendations that require or prohibit warning boards. It is forbidden to destroy, dirty or remove them from existing places.

    2) Warunki wstępu na teren Term Krakowskich
  1. The guest of the facility must have an important admission ticket. The admission ticket is a fiscal receipt received from the reception employee after paying a fee due for admission to the facility in accordance with the current price list. A ticket entitling the guest to use the facility services is considered by the object and signed invitation (voucher), partner cards, as well as passes issued by the object entitling to use the facility services after prior authorization by the guest. It is forbidden to transmit or rent a request for an admission or personal card to third parties. The admission ticket or partner card should be kept during your stay in the facility and if necessary, show it on demand for employees during inspection.
    A single ticket is valid only on the day of sale and entitles for disposable use of the object.
  2. According to the regulations of sports cards, a guy who uses this entry option to the facility is obliged to broadcast a document confirming his identity issued by the public administration body. Otherwise, the service has the right to refuse to enter the object.
  3. Using the object is allowed for people over 16 years of age without a guardian, while for people under 16 years of age and children only with an adult guardian and under his supervision. Children up to 5 years should not use the hot saunas, ie Finnish and spectacular.
  4. The purchase of a ticket and entering the facility means confirmation by the guest that its condition does not prevent this form of recreation.
    Anyone, except for people suffering from infectious diseases) can use from the facility (in accordance with the Lawon preventing and combating infectious diseases in humans and in accordance with the content of the Prevention Prevention of infections) and people suffering from infectious or notestive-looking skin rashes that have visible wounds open (excluding minor injury), as well as people under the influence of alcohol, medicines and drugs. If you use the object through the guest, despite medical contraindications, the object is not responsible for any resulting health consequences.
  5. The guest of the facility using all attractions and devices is required to comply with the instructions of these devices on the exicted places and the guidelines provided by the personnel, as to how to use these devices. If you do not follow the facility to the content of the operating instructions or personnel's guidelines, the object is not responsible for damages resulting from incorrect use of these devices.
  6. The guests of the facility are prohibited from leaflets, selling goods, offering and execute services.
  7. The facility is absolutely non-smoking to tobacco beyond the outer zones for this designated.
  8. The facility applies an absolute ban on bringing and consuming alcoholic beverages and intoxicants.
  9. In case of doubt as to the sobriety of people using or wanting to use services, the object's service can call protection or police to protect guests from the facility.
  10. It is forbidden to bring to the object of any dangerous objects, in particular: glass packaging, knives, and other sharp objects. These things should be left in clothing cabinets or deposit.
  11. In the event of destroying or losing a borrowed towel, the guest is obliged to pay a fee of PLN 50
  12. Before closing the object, you must settle your visit and leave the rooms and areas outside the facility.
  13. Parking of the object of transport of guests of the facility takes place only on external places to this designated.
    The fee for the use of the parking lot is paid to the parking manager.
  14. Zabrania się wnoszenia na teren Obiektu własnych napojów (nie dotyczy wody mineralnej), w tym również napojów alkoholowych. Zabrania się wnoszenia butelek do kabin saunowych.
  15. W przestrzeni Obiektu nie wolno korzystać z telefonów, gdyż grozi to uszkodzeniem urządzenia lub poparzeniem. Właściciel nie ponosi odpowiedzialności za ewentualne skutki zdrowotne i techniczne wnoszenia ww. przedmiotów na teren Obiektu.

    3) Ogólne postanowienia dotyczące korzystania z urządzeń Term Krakowskich
  1. The behavior of guests staying in all rooms in the Saun zone can not interfere with rest to other people or be troublesome for them.
    Everyone using premises intended to relax is obliged to preserve silence and peace. It is forbidden to run after the object.
  2. Guests of Krakowskie Term are required to abandon activities that are contrary to the prevailing customs and threaten the maintenance of security, peace and order. These include in particular: spitting, chewing gum and any other to avoid the attempt to pollute water and object, jumping into the jacuzzi and swimming pool, running, diving, pushing or throwing other people to the jacuzzi or barrel.
  3. It is forbidden to bring to the entire object of devices that disturb the peace of other guests, as well as the introduction of animals. In addition, it is forbidden to use cell phones, cameras and cameras throughout the object.
  4. Guests of the facility are obliged to move without footwear or in a suitable bathing footwear in all marked rooms with special caution due to high humidity and slipping risk. Guests of the facility moving around the facility without bathing flaps make it at their own risk.
  5. From sun loungers and seating places you can use individually, only after covering them with a towel. It is forbidden to book stools and sunbeds.
  6. All persons on the premises are required to absolutely subordinate to the object's servicing.

    4) Szczególne postanowienia dotyczące korzystania z urządzeń Term Krakowskich
  1. Only healthy people can use the sauna.
    Entering the sauna guest confirms that his health does not prevent this form of recreation.
  2. Admission to the sauna forces: with intense skin diseases, septic infections, with acute viral infection (eg influenza), sharp inflammation of internal organs, acute or accused tuberculosis, inflammation of the heart, conceived states, symptoms of decompression, diseases manifesting sudden diseases Attacks, e.g. epilepsy, after a stroke, with inflammation of lived, severe vegetable disorders of the central nervous system, with serious disorders of the cardiovascular, inflammatory and toned skin diseases and eczemas, persons with tendency to muscle contraction, fainting, epileptic attacks, cardiovascular diseases. Pregnant women can use the sauna only after prior consultation with a doctor and make it on their own responsibility.
  3. Guests are obliged to take a bath before entering individual sauna cabins, steam bath, salt cave, barrels with cold water, jacuzzi and swimming pool.
    Using bath cosmetics outside the shower cabins is prohibited.
    Using Jacuzzi is forbidden to use any body cosmetics.
  4. Boso should be entered into the sauna.
  5. You can only use places of seats in the dry sauna only after you put the towel under the whole body. This also applies to foot pads and backs under the back.
  6. Only support for the object in them. It is forbidden to apply any own fluids, essences, oils or other steam bath substances.
  7. It is forbidden to put any objects (eg towels, coats and bath sheets) near the furnace and on it, because this is a fire.
  8. It is forbidden to touch the elements of the heat supply installation because it threatens to burn. Take special care and consider the pair outlet at the entrance to the steam bath at the bottom right.
  9. Navigating at various levels in the cabin of the sauna not equipped with handrails requires special care.
  10. It is recommended that you use the sauna in the company of another person.
  11. It is forbidden to be in hot saunas, ie Finnish and spectacular over 15 minutes. It is recommended that the break between subsequent sessions in the sauna lasted not less than 15 min.
  12. In the event of worsening the well-being, dizziness, etc., the sauna room should be left immediately. In healthcare states, use the alarm button or report this fact to the service worker.

    5) Odpowiedzialność cywilna
  1. The owner undertakes to maintain an object and its equipment in a state that provides safe use. The facility is not responsible for the damage of guests, resulting from them from the object and its equipment in a non-intended use or created as a result of inadequate behavior when using devices and non-compliance with the provisions of the Regulations, instructions within the facility and service recommendations.
  2. For damages resulting from the action of people under 18 years of age caused as a result of an incorrect use of the object or its equipment, including devices taking full responsibility of parents or legal guardians of that person.
  3. The facility is not responsible for loss, destruction or damage by third part of items brought on its area through guests.
  4. Accidents and damage should be reported immediately to the facilities.
    In the event of abandoning this act, the guest loses the right for compensation claims.
  5. The hotel reception does not consider complaints and guests' complaints. kontakt@termykrakowskie.pl, TK SODOWA apartamentyzakrzowek@gmail.com.
  6. The guest of the facility consents to the processing of his personal data in accordance with the Privacy Policy object to the contents of the Rodo Regulation implemented in Krakow's Terms, including the needs of the reservation process in accordance with the Act 2002 on personal data (Journal of Laws No. 101 item, 926 with changes).

    6) Postanowienia końcowe
  1. These Regulations apply to the entire Kraków Term. In the case of separate closed events, some derogations from certain provisions of the Regulations are allowed for the prior consent of the facility, unless they concern the provisions or regulations of the absolute law.
  2. Regulations are available at the hotel reception and at www.termykrakowskie.pl
  3. In matters not covered by the Regulations, the provisions of the Civil Code shall apply.

Owner of the Object

RODO law

.Processing of personal data according to Rodo regulations

1. Administrator of the Personal Data Administrator, i.e. a subject deciding how your personal data will be used, is Avalon Nature S.A. Based in Kraków at ul. Sodowa 42 (hereinafter "Avalon Nature S.A." or "Company") owner of the Term of Krakow Błonia at ul. Reymonta 20 in Krakow (hereinafter referred to as TK Błonia).
2. Contact details for the Administrator of Personal Data Avalon Nature S.A. ul. Sodowa 42 30-376 Kraków. E-mail address: marketing@avalon-krakow.pl,
Nr telefonu: 600 352 703, Strona internetowa: www.avalonnature.pl
owner of the Term of Krakow Błonia at ul. Reymonta 20 in Krakow (hereinafter referred to as TK Błonia).
Website: www.termykrakowskie.pl
3. A method for obtaining contact details
We have received them from your phone, email, during a personal meeting in the TK Błonia facility, by the message sent by the contact form on the website www.termykrakowskie.pl or during the purchase of a ticket for Sauna Sauna Party Błonia electronically.
4. Purpose and legal basis for Personal Data Processing by the Company
We process personal data based on the following:
• enable contact in information in the Information in the Krakow Term offer, which you have shown interest and answers to asked questions,
• implementation contained with the master / and contracts, including finalizing ticket sales for sauna events, passes, vouchers and invitations,
• maintenance of a complaint directed to TK Błonia, by phone, email or during personal contact, when you submitted such a complaint,
• Support for applications directed to TK error, eg via a contact form on a website or email.
• data storage for archiving purposes, and ensuring accountability (demonstration of compliance with the Company and TK Błonia obligations under the regulations
In addition, the provisions require you to process your data for tax and accounting purposes. If you agree, the Company will process your personal data during marketing activities aimed at presenting the Krakow Term offer. Regarding sauna events, promotions, rebate vouchers, etc.
I agree to process personal data, you can withdraw at any time by email contact. Personal data will be processed until consent will be withdrawn by you.
5. Required personal data and legal basis for personal data processing
We require the following personal data for informational purposes, as well as to be able to conclude and finalize the contract in this sale of tickets electronically:
• Name, surname, email and phone number.
Non-existent personal data, may result in a difficult contact with the Lord / Ia, and consequently there is a lack of possibility to save information materials, tickets or accession to signing the contract. If it requires legal provisions, we may require you to provide data necessary, for example, for accounting or tax reasons. In addition to these cases, the administration of your / detail personal data is voluntary. The legal basis for the processing of your personal data is granted by you.
6. Permissions against the Company in terms of processed data
We guarantee fulfillment of all Lord and rights resulting from the general regulation on data protection, i.e. the right to access, rectify and delete your data, restrictions on their processing, the right to transfer them, not subject to automated decision-making, as well as the right to exaggerate opposition to the processing of the Lord / and personal data.
You can use these rights when:
• Regarding the request for data correction: notice you that the data is incorrect or incomplete,
• With regard to the request to delete data: Pan / and data will no longer be necessary for the purposes for which they have been collected by the Company; Pan and consent for data processing; Miss An objection to the processing of you / and data;
Personal data will be processed unlawfully; Data should be removed in order to fulfill the obligation arising from the provision of law,
• With regard to the request to reduce data processing: at the moment when you notice that your data is incorrect -
you may require you to reduce the processing of your data for a period that allows us to check the correctness of this data.
7. Situations in which you can object to the processing of your data
Mr. / and has the right to oppose the processing of your personal data when:
• Personal Data processing takes place on the basis of a legally reasonable interest, and the objection is justified by a particular situation in which you have found / a
• Personal data is processed for direct marketing.
We remind you that you can take advantage of the right of objection from 25 May 2018.
8. Personal data may be subject to profiling
9. Sharing your personal data
Personal data is not shared externally, this means that the Company uses them only for its own (financial, marketing, statistical purposes). Regulations require you to process your data and data for tax and accounting purposes
10. Personal processing period
Personal data are in the company's database for a period of no longer than it is necessary for purposes:
• performance of obligations arising from law, including in particular tax and accounting,
• statistical and archiving,
• Claims investigation in connection with the performance of the contract.
We store your personal data for marketing purposes, and after the purpose of processing them, eg information about promotions or contracts for sale tickets or on your / request, they are deleted or archived.
In order to account, i.e. to prove to comply with the provisions on the processing of personal data, we will keep data for a period in which the Company is obliged to preserve the data or documents containing them to document the fulfillment of legal requirements and to enable them to control their fulfillment by public authorities.
11. Right access to your personal data
Each person whose data is processed in terms of legal provisions entitled to access to their data and to correct, remove, processing restrictions and the right to raise objections to data processing.
12. We do not transmit your personal data to countries outside the European Economic Area.
13. Applying a complaint to the supervisory body.
In the event of action against Rodo Regulation, Mr. / and has the right to complain in relation to the processing of personal data to the Supervisory Authority by the Company, which is the General Data Protection Supervisor (address: General Inspector of Personal Data Protection, ul. Rate 2, 00-193 Warsaw).

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