Attractions of Termy Krakowskie

The Panorama Sauna

Dry sauna affects all senses. During the sauna show that take place in it, the saunamaster pours stones with water mixed with essential oils. By sweeping the towel or the fan, heat and moisture are distributed, which increases the effectiveness of the session. A stay which lasts several minutes is a form of wellness that has a beneficial effect on our body and spirit. Warmth which is stimulating the skin affect physical relaxation and aesthetic sensations, fragrance compositions and music increase the sense of relaxation. This treatment is great for the body, reducing fatigue, nervousness and anxiety. During the stay in the sauna, the body is cleansed of harmful metabolism products and toxins. The skin temperature increases to 40 degrees Celsius, which results in vasodilation, improvement of blood supply, skin firming and reduction of muscle and joint pains. The frequency of breaths increases, which significantly improves lung ventilation.
Temperature: 85-95°C

Termy Krakowskie Forum - sauna widowiskowa
Termy Krakowskie Forum - Łaźnia Hammam

Turkish Hammam

A two-zone Turkish bath, where are ideal conditions, especially for people who would like to avoid extreme temperatures or are looking for deep relaxation. The heat emitted by the granite table penetrates into the deepest parts of the muscles, improving the blood supply to the body in a special way. An important element of the sauna session is cooling the body with cold showers to prevent from overheating. Puffs of steam, penetrating the skin, thoroughly cleanse and regenerate it and cause its hydration. Heat also relieves muscle stiffness, swelling and joint tension caused by exercise. In addition, staying in a bath is an effective method of cleansing and detoxifying the body, as well as stimulating the immune system. Improving circulation also improves metabolism. In this room, you can also do a whole body peeling and use the traditional Turkish cleansing ritual with mineral clay and foam from olive oil soap.
Temperature: 40-45°C

Bio Sauna

In here we have lower temperature and higher humidity than usual dry, finish sauna has. Thats why The Bio Sauna is a perfect place for those who are discouraged from sauna by extreme temperatures. Senses are stimulated by a carefully selected composition of essential oils and herbal mixtures in here. Aroma emulsions evaporate together with water from the vessel located on the stove, water is not poured directly on the stones. Biosauna has a beneficial effect on the nervous system. In addition, it is a perfect sauna for people with hypertension and hypersensitivity of blood vessels. It regenerates and rebuilds the immune system, covers and heals the upper respiratory tract.
Temperatue: 55-65°C

Termy Krakowskie Forum - Bio sauna
Termy Krakowskie Forum - Grota Solna

The Salt Chamber

The unique microclimate in this room is provided by the salt aerosol generator. Salt has negative air ionization properties, which has a very beneficial effect on the body. Active negative salt ions, which breathe participants of the session, have anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, properties, activate metabolism and the lymphatic system. The therapy is ideal for people suffering from respiratory diseases, allergies, skin diseases, for people with reduced immunity and for all who want to take care of their health. The air in the cave contains elements such as: iodine, potassium, calcium, sodium, magnesium, bromine and selenium, which are found in several times higher concentration than at the seaside. Supplementing the deficiency of these elements, improves the health condition, and thus supports the body in the treatment of diseases of the upper respiratory tract, various allergies, psoriasis, inflammation of the skin and diseases of the digestive tract. Salt maintains the moisture of mucous membranes and the tenderness of the skin. The salt cave session has a healing effect primarily on hypertension, hypothyroidism, cardiovascular diseases, it is also particularly recommended by cardiologists for patients after infarcts. Salt cave has a beneficial effect on combating fatigue, a decrease in immunity and all kinds of neuroses. Thanks to the aesthetically designed interior and appropriately selected music, staying in the cave is a great opportunity to relax and unwind after a hot sauna session. Walls of the room are made with blocks of red Himalayan salt, while the floor is lined with coarse-grained Iwonicz salt.
Temperature: 18-22°C

Infrared Sauna

A special kind of sauna affecting the body with infrared rays, which reaches up to 5 cm deep into the tissues. Such a deep thermal massage removes toxins, acids, heavy metals and fats from the body, increases calorie burning. Infrared radiation has been used for many years helping people to reach well-being and restoring physical comfort in orthopedics, physical therapy, rehabilitation and sports medicine. Scientists have shown that the use of infrared rays is conducive to the treatment of various ailments and disease entities, and doctors recommend visits to the infrared sauna for the treatment of muscle pain, injuries, sprains, joint diseases and circulatory disorders. The sauna soothes back and joint pain caused by fatigue, rheumatism or degenerative disease. It also reduces neuralgia and pain associated with burns. It reduces the symptoms of stress or fatigue, nervous tension, malaise, apathy and has anti-depressant effects. Using the sauna also increases the extensibility of collagen tissues. Infrared sauna, i.e. An infrared sauna is an excellent option for people who cannot use a traditional dry or wet sauna for various reasons, because unlike traditional saunas, heat is emitted from infrared radiators, not from an oven or steam generator.
Temperature: 45-55°C

Termy Krakowie Forum- Sauna Infrared
Termy Krakowskie Forum - Sauna Arena

The Arena Sauna

It is dry, finnish sauna. It is used to conduct hot sauna shows. About 70 people can participate in relaxation here. 
On Wednesday special sessions with incenses and birch twigs take place in there.

Temperature: 85-95°C

Swimming pool

Cooling pool with a view of the Wawel Castle. 

Temperature: 28°C

Termy Krakowskie Forum - Basen
Termy Krakowskie Forum - Jacuzzi


Jacuzzi up to maximum 4 people. 

Temperature: 38°C

Cooling zone

After being in the sauna, nothing works as well as a freezing refreshment at an ice well. Rubbing with crushed ice after leaving a hot sauna causes beneficial health effects as well as beautifying the body.
Kneipp pool
Putting your feet alternately in warm and cold water is a great gymnastics for your blood vessels. Used frequently it helps to fight against varicose veins.
Bosmanka Bucket
A stream of water from a shower bucket with a capacity of almost 20 liters stimulates and refreshes, mobilizing for further mental or physical activity. Using it seems just like Ice Cold Bucket Challenge.
Cold water barrel
A bath in a wooden tub is used to cool the body after leaving the sauna or steam room, as well as for an ordinary bath. Before entering the barrel it is necessary to rinse the body in the shower.
The shower cleans and refreshes. Warm water washes away toxins. Cold hardens the body and lowers the temperature after being in the sauna.

Termy Krakowskie Forum -Strefa schładzania


Rituals & massages

Area where you can experience a blissful bath, a relaxation massage or other forms of wellness.

Get to know our SPA treatments

We have prepared for you a wide range of treatments, massages, rituals, care baths, which made by our qualified physiotherapists and masseurs will provide you with deep relaxation, calmness, and improvement of body condition.

Daily schedule of sauna shows

Discover our special saunas shows conducted both in dry and wet saunas. 

Saua show

Forum Station

Intensity: *
Duration: 8-10 minut
Place:  Usually The Arena Sauna
UEssential oils:  Chosen by the saunamaster to obtain a pleasant fragrance bouquet.
Characteristic:  The show during which the saunamaster pours water on the stove and places ice balls with essential oils on hot stones. A stove is poured with water about 5 times. Usually this is a delicate session led by one saunamaster. Towels, fans or leaves are used to distribute hot air in the sauna. The music is often quieter and calmer.



Intensity: **
Duration: 8-10 min.
Place:  Usually The Arena Sauna
UEssential oils:  Those for cleansing the respiratory tract and inhalation.
e.g. various types of mint, eucalyptus, Scots pine etc. or compositions selected by a saunamaster in order to achieve appropriate beneficial effects on the participants' body.
Characteristic:  The cleansing show during which the saunamaster pours water on the stove and places ice balls with essential oils on hot stones. A stove is poured with water about 5 times. Usually, this is a session led by one saunamaster. Towels, fans or leaves are used to distribute hot air in the sauna. During this ritual, the "Music Tuesdays" series are conducted, an incense session on Wednesday, and other sessions according to a weekly schedule.


Summer in the Forum

Intensity: ***
Duration: 10-15 min.
Place:  The Arena Sauna or the Panorama
Essential oils: Related to a time of a year, seasonal, or other fragrance composition specially selected to create a unique atmosphere.
Characteristic:  The show during which the saunamaster pours water on the stove and places ice balls with essential oils on hot stones. A stove is poured with water about 6 times, larger amounts of water and ice are used, to significantly increase the perceived temperature. Usually, this show is made by two or more saunamasters, at the same time or alternately.
Towels, fans or leaves are used to distribute hot air in the sauna. Music during this session is often louder and faster, but there are also calm and atmospheric sessions. During this ritual there are shows from the series "Musical Tuesdays", "Movies's Thursdays", "Alchemy of fragrances" -
on Friday, "Sauna around the world" on Sunday and other shows according to a fixed schedule


Dragon breath

Intensity: ****
Duration:  10-15 min.
Place:  The Arena Sauna or the Panorama
UEssential oils:  Chosen by the saunamaster to obtain a pleasant fragrance bouquet.
Characteristic:  The hottest show of a day during which the sauna master pours water on the stove and places ice balls with essential oils on hot stones. The sauna master pours water about 6 times.
Large amouts of water or ice are used to significantly increase the perceived temperature in the sauna. It is a ritual usually conducted by two, sometimes three saunamasters at the same time or alternately.
Towels, fans or leaves are used to distribute hot air in the sauna. Music during this session is often louder and faster, but there are also calm and atmospheric sessions. During this session, shows from the series "Musical Tuesdays", "Birch twigs" - on the first and third Wednesday of the month (Arena sauna), "Movie's Thursdays", "Alchemy of fragrances" - on Friday and "Sauna around the world" on Sunday and other sessions are held according to a fixed schedule


Menthol for good night

Intensity: **
Duration: 9-15 min.
Place:  The Panorama or Arena Sauna
UEssential oils:  Menthol crystals and sometimes some other additional essential oil.
Characteristic:  The last ceremony of a day with the main scent of menthol, which has a refreshing and cleansing effect on the airways and sinuses. The temperature is balanced, however, you may feel chill caused by the properties of menthol. The saunamaster performs about 3 stove glazes. It is a ritual carried out usually by one, sometimes two saunamasters simultaneously or alternately. Towels, fans or leaves are used to distribute hot air in the sauna. The music during this session is often calm and relaxing.

 Special events

Music Tuesday
Every Tuesday shows at 19.15, 20.15 and 21.15 are performed to the best music of a different artist or a band every week.

Wednesday with birch twigs and incenses
Show during which the skin cleansing process is supported by gently hitting the body with birch witches. We invite you to "Witki" ceremonies every second Wednesday, while weekly to the shows with incenses - bark of trees, resins, flowers. The master of the ceremony - Jacek is going to take you on an unforgettable journey!

Movie Thursday
We invite you to shows enriched with music from picked movie and movie fragments projected on a screen.
Multimedia shows at 20.15 and 21.15.

Sauna around the world
Ceremonies during which movies showing the cities, landscapes and culture of the chosen country are shown. Every Sunday we invite you to a different place on the world map. Multimedia shows take place at 20.15 and 21.15.

Men's Heating
Every second Monday we organize an evening designed for men, during which the shows at 19.15, 20.15 and 21.15 are extra hot - stove is set to 100°C. Snacks and shots are prepared, beer has a special price. Tonight ladies are also mostly welcome.

Ladies’ Night
Every month the evening of the last Friday our place is a temple of women. From 9pm only ladies are invited, for whom attractions such as the oil and ice massage sauna rituals, face and hair masks are prepared. Sweet treats and snacks await. Each time there is a lead theme of this event.

For the sauna shows we use one of the best 100% natural essential oils from the Belgian company
Loyly Masters and Polish company Bassau

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